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U.S. Patented Ergonomic Backplate (Airlumbar To Go); Manufactured with high quality materials, flame retardant, passed quality and safety testing standards and SOC 10 substances (substances harmful to health and the environment).; Air Motion Technology combines Ergonomic Seating Concept and Dynamic Seating Concept, designed to fit the natural spine; Can be installed easily: 1. Wear it on the head of the pillow, 2. Adjust the Waistline Tag level to the seat's waist level, 3. Insert the bottom end to snug on the cushion.; Can be used with all models and all seats with pillow heads.; (Note: Cannot be installed with universal hanger, tablet holder and back support.)

₱ 14,400.00 MSRP

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  • Vehicle Model
    Model Year
  • VT061.8 V GAS CVT
  • VT371.8 V GAS CVT