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1 set consists of 4 safety nuts and 1 safety block wrench.; The surface of all nuts undergoes 3 layers of Nickel plating process and 1 layer of Micro porous Chrome N281 plating process to prevent rust on surfaces, threads and joints.; The sheath structure of the NUT is Through-Hardened & Restricted Chemistry Steel, designed to be double-stranded to help absorb vibration and shock.; The structure of the head of the NUT is a taper that will not rotate accordingly. (Standing) when it is screwed into the wheel hole. causing no friction with the color of the alloy wheels and can be fixed into the holes more firmly than general NUT OEM Standards

₱ 15,184.00 MSRP

Note: The price of this product is exclusive of labor and miscellaneous fees.

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  • Vehicle Model
    Model Year
  • VT142.4 G 4x2 DSL AT
  • VT142.4 V 4x2 DSL AT
  • VT142.8 LTD 4x4 DSL AT